• Mission Statement

    The NGO Committee on Financing for Development at the United Nations advocates for a worldwide economy that is environmentally and socially sustainable, ethical, and people-centered.

    Guided by the 2002 Monterrey Consensus, we urge policymakers to support development strategies that end global poverty and advance human rights. We seek international financial systems that are fair and truly representative of all people. We are motivated by the moral imperatives underlying the United Nations Charter and the missions of the organizations we represent.

  • Membership Benefits

    Network and dialogue at the UN with those working on for Financing for Development (FfD) issues and collaborate with global network of FfD organizations.

    Participate in monthly meetings featuring regular briefings from the UN FfD Office and distinguished guest speakers from the UN Community.

    Voice concerns on FfD issues to the UN through written and oral statements prepared within the Committee.

    Receive notices of meetings and conferences on FfD issues sponsored by the UN or NGO Committee, including high-level meetings with Bretton Woods institutions (World Bank, International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organization).

    (Go to www.ngosonffd.org for FfD resources and committee membership form)

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Sebastien Nkoa

By Sébastien Nkoa Ayissi, OP, Cameroonian economist, banker, and student of Theology at the Catholic University of East Africa in Nairobi, Kenya, and SNDatUN delegate to the Third International Conference on Financing for Development


Addis Nkoa registrationThe second day in Addis was an organized day. Organized because compared to the previous day delegates noticed that right from their arrival to the tent at “Millennium Hall” the committee in charge of CSOs was there. The process was not difficult at all. All a delegate needed to do was to present his letter, then a picture of him was taken and few minutes later his pass was out.  So from 09:00 am onward almost all delegates had their passes before the rest of the program in the evening.

Indeed in the evening another clear sign of an organized day was offered. The support staff in collaboration with the FfD local field staff was at Desalegn Hotel and ready to start the registrations by 04:00 pm as announced. That is why all delegates could have their registration done peacefully and orderly before 07:00 pm when the reception started on the third floor of the hotel. Here again delegates met with colleagues that they hadn’t seen for a long time. Connections among delegates were made and the ambiance was quite good, the locals very friendly and the food and drink delicious.

Addis sessionAfter almost an hour of socialization the real thing started with the word of welcome of the Ethiopian government followed by some other UN staff and representatives of organizations. After this another time of socialization was offered for delegates to compare their programs and enjoy the local dance and many other attraction like music. Four buses were ready by 09:00 pm to drop delegates to their various hotels and for those who didn’t have their hotels in the list to be dropped off to the nearest main hotel in order to connect. Day one showed then a high level of organization by the field staff of FfD and the support team of volunteers who did a great job.


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